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Fresno Pacific University Center for Professional Development, workshops conducted by Maryam Torbati, Ph.D. in Fresno

 List of current presentations /workshops

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48 courses have been created. All courses take into account "ELL, Gifted & talented ,special need "learners .furthermore ,all materials presented reflects the latest in education/brain research. These courses are backed by number of outstanding universities and considered appropriate for all types of teachers.( novice to veteran)

Participants may earn professional development university credits through, Fresno Pacific University, UC San Diego, UC Irvine, Fresno State University, or Chapman University. "Offering credits through these institutions are subject to change and instructor choice"

Ten courses were part of certificate program called “Learning & the Brain” through Fresno State University Extension program. "Presently not available but can be conducted for interested groups"

  1. Psychology of Learning: Teaching and Learning with the Brain in Mind

  2. Art of teaching; Art of changing the brain

  3. Diversity; Fifty Strategies for Teaching Second Language Learners

  4. Differentiated Instruction How & why to differentiate

  5. Making the Connections: The Key Factor in Conflict Resolution

  6. Emotional Intelligence in Action

  7. Backward Design Curriculum: Why is it the Most Important Element in a Successful   Educational Program?

  8. Art of Creativity; what is it, how to become more creative, and how to make it work for us

  9. Learning Theories in Motion, A journey throughout all the theories that assist us for the duration of times

  10. Graphic organizers/mind maps; what are they?  How to use them? What are their benefits?

  11. Learning with the five enchanted tools; What are those? Why they are the key to memory retention?

  12. Anger; from how to recognize it …. , how mange it …, how to make it work for you. (From children, to adolescent, to young adult, to adulthood)

  13. Grief and its effect (From children, to adolescent, to young adult, to adulthood)

  14. Depression; How to identify it (From children, to adolescent, to young adult, to adulthood), and how to deal with you!

  15. Diversity in the global education; Exploration through cultures

  16.  Art of Motivation; Motivating  the unmotivated; what are the tools?

  17. The gift of Self-confidence; what is it? How to find it?

  18. Art, Music ,& Content

  19. Art of Reading & Comprehension

  20. Assessment

  21. The Art of Numbers

  22. Seven Secrets of Success

  23.  Child Development

  24. Art of writing Process

  25. Effective Classroom Management ( The Art of Management)

  26. Thinking Maps  (Memory Tools)

  27. The Art of Distinguishing the Gifted & Talented in ELD students

  28. TESOL Methodology and Practical Practice 

  29. Art of Communication

  30. Art of Poetry

  31. Stress Management

  32. 12 Principles of Brain  Based Learning

  33. Art of Compassion

  34. Art Foundations

  35. Art of Communication

  36. Data Driven Instruction

  37. Art & Science Of Happiness

  38. 8 Habits of Highly effective People

  39. Unpacking The Standards

  40. Common Core

  41. Art of Bully Management

  42. Discovery Learning

  43. Anger Management

  44. Child Abuse Prevention

  45. Singapore Math

  46. Technology, Inquiry & Innovation

  47. Art of Neuroplasticity with CC in Mind

  48. Art of Timing in Learning & Teaching with CC in Mind

We would love to present in your school district / Organization for your staff (Participants can also earn 2 to 3 units of professional development credits for each topic or for preschool teacher work certificate).

You could choose any of these topics or a combination of them for your organization

"Break the pattern, change the perception, and believe in the possibilities"

"Recognition is the best motivation" Albert Einstein

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